Movie Review: Baby Driver



Dir.: Edgar Wright

Rating: 9/10

If I’m being completely honest, upon hearing about this movie I had very mixed thoughts. I thought the title was really weak and I thought it seemed like it was gonna be a generic car chase movie. It wasn’t until I learned that Edgar Wright was directing it that I really gave it a second thought.

In this film, Ansel Elgort(Baby) plays a getaway driver who works for Kevin Spacey. Baby spends most of the movie trying to work off the debt he owes Spacey. We follow the first three quarters of the movie as Baby falls in love and tries to finish out his time in the crime world. This whole section of the movie is fun, creative, and beautiful. Every car chase and every line of dialogue works wonderfully. The last quarter or so of the film is very tense. This tension plays out wonderfully as well however, because it doesn’t lose itself in the tension. While enthralled, we are still enjoying the same movie. The action is hard, the pacing is spot on, the danger feels real, and the acting is wonderful.

I think the main strong point about this movie is the use of music. For starters, all of the music we hear as an audience is happening in the world of this movie; because of this, Wright plays around with the sound design of the movie incredibly. Every little thing from a coffee cup hitting the table to the car door closing is synced up with the beat of whatever music is playing. The movie almost begins to feel like a musical. While Baby Driver is by no means a musical, it does feel almost as if it were an operatic love letter to 70s Starsky & Hutch esque films.

The whole movie flows perfectly. It truly feels as though it were not shot or filmed, but rather crafted piece by piece meticulously by the genius that is Edgar Wright. I strongly recommend that every one of you who reads this go see it.

I’m giving Baby Driver a very solid 9/10, baby.


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