Movie Review: Aliens



Dir.: James Cameron

Rating: 7/10

The night this blog goes live I will be going to see Alien: Covenant so I figured it was as appropriate a time as ever to watch and review this movie. (You guys can look forward to an Alien: Covenant review by Monday)

I know I’m in the minority when I say that I was a fan of Prometheus, but being that I saw it before any of the other Alien films, I was in the best position possible to enjoy it. I knew that both Alien and Aliens were critically acclaimed with huge fan bases, so it wasn’t a question as to whether or not I’d like it, but rather which one I would like more. Upon finally watching this movie I can honestly say that it doesn’t hold a candle to the original.

Aliens is a war film where humans fight aliens. The horror of the creatures is almost completely lost, and I believe that this was a purposeful stylistic choice made by Cameron. The original film was a terrifying ride of suspense, claustrophobia, and disgust, where as this film was more of a fun ride with dark consequences. While it did feel as though the things the characters were going through was scary, the movie lost its horrific tone. The xenomorphs themselves became insignificant drones and lost their mystery and uniqueness.

I do need to say however, that I did very much so enjoy this movie! It was suspenseful and dark, with some pretty scary moments such as the scene with the girls trapped in the room with the face hugger. It was funny to watch a young Bill Paxton pee himself yelling “Game over!” The xenomorph queen was also a really cool addition to the mythos. Overall the movie was very enjoyable, however I probably won’t watch it again. It was a great way to hype myself up for Covenant coming out!

I give Aliens a solid 7/10.


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