Nostalgia: The Reason Power Rangers Works


So last night some friends and I went to see the new Power Rangers movie, and to be honest it took a little convincing on my part. It’s not that I didn’t want to see it, or that I didn’t like the show as a kid, but rather this movie was far from the top of my radar.

I went in to this movie with the right expectations. I expected a fun, familiar ride full of fighting, costumes, and slight humor. I did not expect to get a compelling story full of good actors and an overly scary villain. Not that I got those things, but because of my expectations I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Not only was it full of the silly, fun action that we’re so familiar with, but it honestly was decently funny and decently tense.

This movie didn’t try to be anything that it wasn’t. It was like this movie was ripped straight out of the old show, and thats great! The whole movie felt like a trip back to childhood. I found myself laughing and grinning along at the cheesy jokes and lines. I mean who didn’t grin at least a little when the red ranger says, “Its morphin’ time”?

Regardless, this movie was a lot of mindless fun and I am willing to bet that I will go see the sequels that are surely to come.

I give Power Rangers a fair 6.5/10.


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