Movie Review: Train To Busan


Train To Busan

Dir.: Yeon Sang-ho

Rating: 8/10

It’s been a while since I last felt the need to watch a zombie movie, and its been even longer since I watched one that was good! Train to Busan is a Korean film about a group of people on a train when a zombie outbreak begins. The premise is simple and intimidating. There aren’t a whole lot of places to run or hide on a train. I was a little skeptical of this movie whenever I saw the 118 minute run time. I wasn’t sure how they were going to squeeze out two hours of zombies on a train, but it got such good ratings that I had to give it a watch.

Overall this movie was a very good, fun, and suspenseful entry to the zombie genre. A lot of the movie seemed a little silly, as if the movie wasn’t taking itself too seriously, and this was perfect given the serious, tense things that were happening. The character development was a little weak and predictable, they learned very simple and obvious lessons, but who watches a zombie movie for the character development? The zombies were scary, the train was claustrophobia inducing, and it truly felt as though the characters were in real danger. My heart was racing the whole time! Other than the whole character development thing, the only problem I had with the movie was the ending. Without giving anything away, I felt that it was completely predictable and avoidable. This did not, however, take away from my enjoyment of this movie. Definitely take the time to check out this South Korean gem.

I give Train To Busan a 8/10 that even Sam Jackson would approve of!



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