Movie Review: Daddy’s Home


Daddy’s Home

Dir.: Sean Anders

Rating: 5/10

Let me preface this by saying Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg have a special place in my heart as a comedy duo because “The Other Guys” is one of my favorites! Now, I saw the trailers, so I wasn’t overly expectant of this movie. I didn’t expect to get anything like “The Other Guys”, but I did expect to get a good laugh at least a couple times, and this was accomplished. There were a lot of scenes that got real laughs out of me, and I applaud this movie for that, however, I do not think this movie was all that great.

Will Farrell is one of my favorite comedians, and while he was funny in this movie, he felt stiff. He didn’t seem like he was behaving as himself. I honestly was disappointed by him.

I also had a big problem with the camera movement. Honestly, this isn’t something that I always notice, but wow, everything felt so unnatural. The way the camera moves during conversation did not work for me. I hated every second of it. It would switch back and forth between characters speaking very unnaturally.

My biggest problem was the special effects. Now it seems silly to fault a Will Farrell comedy for its special effects, but they are actually terrible. Honestly, the scenes would have been better to have been left out because the gag wasn’t worth the awful special effects.

One of the biggest redeeming qualities about this movie however is Hannibal Buress. His character pops out of nowhere, and he is really funny!

Overall the movie really isn’t that bad. The problems I had with the movie aren’t really all that big of problems, but because they are there I have to fault the movie. The comedy is good but not great.

I give Daddy’s Home a middle of the road 5/10.


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