Movie Review: Green Room


Green Room

Dir.: Jeremy Saulnier

Rating: 9/10

Green Room is a movie about a punk band who play a show at a skin head bar. The guys play a good set, but as they’re leaving they witness a murder by members of the other band. Suddenly they are on lock down. They become trapped in the Green Room backstage with no clear way out.

I can start by saying that there is not a weak performance here. Some of the actors did better than others, and some made decisions that I thought seemed ridiculous but that’s just the nature of horror movies. There were two stand out performances. Patrick Stewart plays the owner of the bar who needs to get the situation under control. Stewart’s calm, collected leader is terrifying. Its almost as if he shows no emotion about anything that’s happening. This adds so much to his character’s lack of empathy. The other stand out performance is the late-great Anton Yelchin. He plays the more quiet reasonable character in the band. It is clear that he is who we are supposed to identify with. I can honestly say that there was not a single scene he was in that was anything less than great.

The whole film is kept tense so well. Even though the first half of the film for the most part only takes place in the one room, we are riveted by the constant threat that the band are in. Patrick Stewart tries to make us feel safe, that everything will be alright, but the band just knows that the second they open the door they are dead.

This movie holds nothing back. It truly gives you everything its got when it comes to gore and other content. It isn’t afraid to show or say what it needs to. I loved literally every minute of this film. It’s easily one of my favorite films, let alone of this past year.

I give Green Room a horrifying 9/10.


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