Movie Review: There Will Be Blood


There Will Be Blood

Dir.: Paul Thomas Anderson

Rating: 5/10

So I know that this is going to be an unpopular opinion, especially given that I have a friend who adores this film, but I honestly wasn’t a fan. I didn’t hate it or anything, but I just didn’t love it.

The movie starts rather brilliantly by showing off what it is that Daniel Plainview does for work. I feel like this set up works really well… as set up. Unfortunately the whole movie follows this same pacing. I don’t feel like the movie picks up until they jump to the late 1920s. This honestly made a lot of the film feel boring or uninteresting at times.

Regardless of this problem, there were some scenes that I thought were great. Like I said earlier, I thought that the opening fifteen or so minutes were great for set up, and I really enjoyed the baptism scene where family is brought to the forefront.

The strongest parts of the film, however, were the last 30-45 minutes. The film shifts away from all of the business and politics towards family and relationships. The film basically shows you the consequences of what all as happened. The last fifteen minutes or so of the film in the bowling alley were wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ultimately what it boils down to for me was that the movie focused too much on politics and business, when there was so much great stuff to be worked with regarding the relationships with family and with the church. This problem, to be honest, probably could have been solved by cutting the run time from 2hr 38min to something like 1hr 45min. This is just my opinion however, I do not think this film is devoid of likability. I totally see what people like about it, I just couldn’t find myself invested in the story.

I give There Will Be Blood a middle of the road 5/10


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