Movie Review: O Brother, Where Art Thou?


O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Dir.: Ethan and Joel Coen

Rating: 9/10

This movie has been on my list for quite some time. I love what I’ve seen of the Coen brothers’ work so I was pumped to finally watch this movie. I had pretty high expectations. I was expecting a good laugh, some quotable moments, and some fun references to Homer’s The Odyssey. I can easily say that these expectations where met.

The film starts out with three guys breaking out of their prison unit. They spend the movie running from the police and chasing after this great treasure that George Clooney’s character(Everett) has hidden away. The references to that famous piece of literature start strong with the blind fortune teller on the train car and run all the way through the cyclops and the lotus eaters. I personally thought it was a lot of fun looking for all of the references to this story.

The Coen Brothers do a good job of creating an atmosphere in their movies, as shown well in this movie by the color palette of the movie. Everything in the movie is shades of yellow and orange, to represent the old-timey feel they were going for.

I think the big seller of this movie though, just as in all of their movies, is the dialogue. There were so many moments that had me laughing out loud. Some of these were when George Nelson opens fire on a herd of cattle and Delmar utters the line “Oh George not the livestock.” or when Delmar and Everett are discussing Pete having become a toad. Everett doubts that pete has been turned into a toad but Delmar says, “Of course its Pete, look at him!” I couldn’t hold back my chuckles.

Not only was it funny one liners, so much of the dialogue just felt so good, and natural. So much so that I feel its worth noting. George Clooney in this film worked so well for me as the quick talking, intelligent man in the group. His character was only bolstered once John Goodman’s character enters the movie. The two’s quick witty conversation was just fun to listen to! Another strange, notable thing about the dialogue was that there were weird moments of repeated lines throughout the movie. Everett repeats the line “we’re in a tight spot” about seven times while they are holed up in the barn. At the same time, Delmar asks if anyone wants any gopher at least four times without getting a response. I personally enjoyed it, as it was almost an uncomfortable kind of funny.

Overall I can honestly say that I loved this movie. I believe it to be my second favorite Coen Brothers film(behind The Big Lebowski). I give O Brother, Where Art Thou a very recommendable 9/10.


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