Movie Review: THE VVITCH


The VVitch

Dir.: Robert Eggers

Rating: 7/10

I’m sure this will be misleading, but this was one of the most confusing movies I’ve watched in a long time, and I think that was great. Now before you go away, hear me out. This movie is pretty straight forward in premise, but it plays out very creatively.

For a lot of the movie I felt emotionally confused. It felt almost as if I wasn’t sure who I was rooting for. It was as if the protagonist was shifting all throughout the movie. This created a kind of suspense that I did not expect, because I honestly feel like I didn’t know who to trust.

One common trope in horror movies is the way they preview the monster early in so that you get a little taste of what your in for. This scene happens about five to ten minutes in, but it happens so interestingly. In other movies you may see someone get killed by an off screen monster or something of that sort, with this movie that is not the case. We see what we believe to be the witch performing some sort of ritual and the tone immediately shifts from playful to dark, menacing, and brooding, and that tone stays throughout the entirety of the movie.

If Robert Eggers did anything right in this movie, it is the tone of it all. Even though a lot of the earlier parts of the movie feel slow, the dark colors, and eerie quiet of their world keeps you on edge. I honestly had a few moments where I was bracing myself for a jump scare that never came. There were practically no jump scares and that added so much to the movie. Eggers instills a fear in us that is being fueled by our own emotion and imagination as opposed to what were seeing.

At the same time I can’t go without mentioning Anya Taylor-Joy’s performance. The last two movies I have watched have both been starring her, and I must say that I love her. While some scenes weren’t necessarily home-runs, she was still great and I can’t wait to see more from her.

Without saying any specifics, there were a lot of scenes that prompted me to do some research. There was a lot of imagery in this movie that, quite frankly, didn’t make a ton of sense. It was almost as if they were just trying to throw creepy, unsettling scenes at us to freak us out. Upon researching after the movie I am so blown away as to the thought that was put into this movie. Everything in the movie lines up with the lore that this movie is based off of.

Overall I have a lot of respect for this movie. There were really only a couple problems I had with this movie. At times, though the suspense was high, the pacing did feel overly slow. The other problem I had was that at times it was a bit hard to understand what some of the characters(especially the father) were saying(or trying to say).

I’m giving The VVitch a respectable 7/10.



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